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Paxton Supercharger Mopar Big Block

Paxton Supercharger Mopar Big Block
Paxton Supercharger kits for the classic Big Block Mopar add more power to your carburetor applications. These Paxton Supercharger kits are universal supercharger kits designed for vehicles equipped with carbureted big block Dodge 440 RB engines. Supplied pulley ratio will produce approximately 5-6 psi at 6000 RPM on a lightly modified 440CI engine. Horsepower gains (depending on boost levels, engine volumetric efficiency etc.): 30-75% + HP.

This universal system requires the installer to source a high volume fuel pump and a properly jetted 4150 style carburetor unit (with mechanical secondaries). Vehicle throttle cable/arm modifications may be required. A replacement hood or hood modifications may be required depending upon the type of intake manifold and carburetor enclosure / bonnet installed on the engine.

Call 1-855-827-7223 for technical support and to discuss your engine build and desired performance levels.

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