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Lund Racing nGauge & Lund Custom Tune (2007-2020 Mustang/GT500)

Lund Racing nGauge & Lund Custom Tune (2007-2020 Mustang/GT500)
Lund Racing nGauge & Lund Custom Tune (2007-2020 Mustang/GT500)
Lund Racing nGauge & Lund Custom Tune (2007-2020 Mustang/GT500)Lund Racing nGauge & Lund Custom Tune (2007-2020 Mustang/GT500)Lund Racing nGauge & Lund Custom Tune (2007-2020 Mustang/GT500)
Lund Racing nGauge & Lund Custom Tune (2007-2020 Mustang/GT500)
Mechanical Oil Pressure Gauge on Center Dash:
Aftermarket Manifold:
Other Manifold:
PCM Code 3 or 4 Digit #(See Pics Below):
Power Adder:
Fuel Type:
nGauge Mount:
Gear Ratio:
Tire Size:
Add Low Temp Thermostat:
Free Cam Lope Tune 2011-17 Mustang GT or Ecoboost:
Additional Mods List up to 200 characters, if too many type EMAIL FOR MODS:
Lund Racings nGauge Tuner offers custom tuning & datalogging features all in one package for more power and performance. Corrects your air-fuel-ratio after the addition of intake and exhaust modifications. The Lund nGauge is a digital gauge that connects to the vehicle's OBD2 port, allowing the user to view live data with intuitive datalogging, read and clear trouble codes and reprograms the stock ECU with a vehicle specific tune. Team Beefcake is one of the largest dealers for Lund Racing tunes, we use them in all our customer builds and in our own race cars. Race Proven and Track Tested!!! Call 1-855-827-7223

Available for 2011-2018 Mustang GT, or 2015-2017 Mustang Ecoboost, 2007-2014 GT500 and many more!!

Gauge Functions
Optional Tuning Feature
� Faster Load Time To Vehicle
� User configurable digital gauges
� Display up to 6 gauges at a time
� Pick from hundreds of OBD2 signals
� Record log files to MicroSD Card
� Program warning lights
� Built in diagnostics
� Daisy Chain up to 7 gauges together
� Tuning can be enabled by our partner companies
� Read and save stock file
� Load hundreds of tunes from your Micro SD Card
� Support for Ford now
� Auto save when you stop logging or lose power
� No updater software
� Unlimited tunes
� Full file flash first time. 4-5 mins
� Flash updates under 1 min
� Main config file sent with the tune
� 4 or 6 parameter screen mode (view similar to an Aeroforce gauge)

This product is for new Lund Racing Customers who would like to purchase our tuning for their vehicle with an nGauge device. Lund Racing Custom Tunes are created specific to your vehicle based on your exact modifications. This makes our tuning much more than just a typical "canned" tune. Lund Racing has been setting the standard in Ford tuning for many years in the past, and for many years to come.

Please make sure to fill out all requested info in the options menu. To find your PCM code to assist in filling out the form please click Help Find My PCM Code

nGauge Hardware Features
- 2.4" 320 x 240 Color LCD
- Resistive touch screen
- Touch stylus included
- Micro-SD Card
- 2 Analog inputs
- 6 Programmable LEDs
- Chrome bezel
- Brushed aluminum overlay
- Adapter Ring Included
- Dual T-Slot for pedestal mounting
- Thin design to save space
- Auto Sleep/Wake with ignition
- RS232 and CAN expansion Port
- Support for Zeitronix wideband
- Light Sensor with auto dimming
- Firmware update thru USB or MicroSD
- 2 High Speed CAN Channels

***The Lund Racing nGauge is locked to Lund Racing tuning only. Other calibrators will NOT be able to use this device to tune your vehicle.***

Find your 3 digit pcm code for the 2015+ Mustang and your 4 digit pcm code for the 11-14 Mustang.

Lund Racing Cam Lope Tune Disclaimer: In addition to your normal idle tune, you have selected to receive the Lund Racing Cammed Tune. This is a NOVELTY tune, therefore Lund Racing DOES NOT chase issues that may arise while your vehicle is flashed with the cammed tune. This tune is intended for show/sound only and was never intended to be daily driven on. Though plenty of Lund Racing customers do daily drive the cammed tune and do not have issues, there are some things you should be aware of. Your vehicle may stall, buck, surge or have other strange characteristics that come with an aggressive cammed car. Your vehicle is going to sound and feel like an old school pushrod motor, very raw. You also need to wait until the motor is at ideal operating temperature before it will start �loping idle� on this cammed tune. Performance is the same on both tunes at wide open throttle. We provide the normal idle tune so you may switch back and forth at your convenience.

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