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Corbeau Baja JP Suspension Seat

Corbeau Baja JP Suspension Seat
Corbeau Baja JP Suspension Seat
Corbeau Baja JP Suspension SeatCorbeau Baja JP Suspension SeatCorbeau Baja JP Suspension Seat
Corbeau Baja JP Suspension Seat
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The Baja JP suspension seat is basically the same seat as our well-known Baja SS seat. The main difference between the two seats, aside from the stitch pattern and dual harness slots, is the Baja JP is flat on the bottom as opposed to vertical tabs. This allows it to bolt on Corbeau brackets or a flat mounting surface without having to order a Baja Adapter. In addition, the Baja JP is a direct bolt in to most Jeep CJ5s, and all CJ7s and YJs. Please note, the stock CJ brackets are at an angle, which means when the JP is bolted to the stock brackets, it puts the seat at an extreme angle. We recommend our custom CJ brackets unless you are okay with the seat back being at an extreme recline. The Baja JP will fit in any other vehicle with Corbeau custom brackets. Like all Corbeau suspension seats, the Baja JP is equipped with the state of the art Corbeau suspension system. This system has proven to provide superior cushioning and significant energy return upon impact. The suspension system creates somewhat of a trampoline affect, which absorbs the impact your back would otherwise endure.

The Baja JP is available in all black vinyl and vinyl/cloth materials. The Baja JP will fit up to a 38" inch waist and the Wide will fit up to a 42" waist.
Note:The overall width of the Baja JP Wide is actually narrower then the regular Baja JP. When we say wide we mean it will fit a wider driver. The Baja JP Wide has less aggressive bolsters making it a better fit for larger drivers but is indeed an overall narrower seat.
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